Fit Space


Let’s put it together – our signature class incorporates strength and cardiovascular training to tone and sculpt your body whilst maintaining and improving your fitness. Designed to push your limits.

Fit Space is the signature class that blends the Sweat Space and Strength Space classes together. It will be structured with a rep target over time, depending on the program and the goals of the session. This session will aim to development more muscular endurance (as a combination of strength and time – the two elements of the other classes).

In these classes, we will be able to use the results from the other classes to then best program for each client. Using the results from the maximal work in Strength Space and Sweat Space, we can calculate a percentage to work at for it be appropriate in development muscular endurance.

Instead of hearing “a little less than your max so you can go longer” from us, you get a specific weight and rep goal to achieve. Thus, making it, specific and tailored to each client, even in the class environment. We do this by documenting client’s weights and/or speeds in other classes, to then calculate a percentage using their spreadsheet. This is set up in house and then available in each class for the clients and trainers to refer to and update where necessary.